Update on Yunling Mountain Golf Clubhouse

Kimberly Timmons Interiors is happy to be continuing work on the Yunling Mountain Golf Clubhouse in Kunming, China. We are currently working on FF&E Specifications which will create a rich and sophisticated look to compliment the architectural style of the facility. In June of this year Kimberly Timmons and Carissa Thompson took a trip to China accompanied by team members; Kirk Mason of Mason Architecture and West Li of LLG International to present our designs and visit the site. After that the team took a 5 day tour through the Yunnan province to visit multiple furniture factories, vendors, antique stores and local markets. This was an eye-opening trip and we are happy to be able to share some stories of their travels.

While in China, the design team was able to view the progress of the Clubhouse and tour the championship caliber 27-hole Golf Course designed by Reese Jones, Inc., for more information click here.

Team from left to right: Lui Wei, Dave Goh, West Li, Kirk Mason, Kimberly Timmons & Carissa Thompson

Constructed by local citizens, the 27 hole golf course was beautiful with its sloping terrain, overlooking the Yangzong Hia (the nearby lake). We got to drive the entire course in state of the art all-terrain golf carts, at one point scaling an un-finished trail to make it to the highest point of the course.


It was fascinating to observe the building site and the methods of construction, which are quite different than what are seen in the US.


After visiting Kunming the team, Kimberly, Carissa and West traveled with an entourage of project consultants, to various cities to meet and visit factory and showroom owners.

The furniture factory visited early in the trip displayed amazing craftsmanship in the wood working and impressed the group with the level of detail that was personally handcrafted by woodworkers and finishers at that particular mill.



One stop was to a lighting showroom that was in a city entirely dedicated to every aspect of lighting possible. The showroom was full of brilliant crystal chandeliers from floor to ceiling.


The trip included a lot of travel from city to city. The team started out in Kunming then flew to Guangzhou. From there they began a 5 day road trip all the way to Shenzhen stopping in various cities to scout out sources for items from the furniture to the accessories for the clubhouse. Thankfully, the team had dedicated drivers to navigate around China. The traffic is a little less than organized and the team found that the rules of the road we are used to didn’t always apply.


One of the most memorable pieces from the trip was the chance to be immersed in the Chinese culture, from foreign yet delicious foods to tons of historical artifacts.

Every meal; lunch and dinner, was enjoyed in the company of the entire group at one circular table. The food is not only delicious, but also a work of art. Kimberly and Carissa were determined to only use chopsticks to eat, be it the fish served with the head still attached to the specialty vegetables that were served with every meal.



Appetizing as the food was, Kimberly and Carissa began to crave a little bit of home and did treat themselves to Starbucks to start off a long day of tours and some KFC for a quick bite in-between vendor meetings.


The Chinese culture has extreme depth and history and it was an experience like no other.





KTI continues to work on this project and looks forward to future opportunities like it.