New Beginnings: interior design with Spring 2017 Pantone Colors of the Season

Spring Design Inspiration From Pantone’s Hues of the Season

Spring is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited. The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, trees and flowers are budding, and we’re all enjoying time under Colorado’s vivid blue skies. Spring is often associated with new beginnings, and in interior design that’s no different.  Each new season brings us the opportunity to explore new color palettes and incorporate new ideas into our design. Pantone recently released their top 10 trending colors for Spring 2017. From earthy greens and warm neutrals to tropical blues and vivid yellows, we asked our design teams to give us their expert opinions on how to incorporate the season’s hottest colors in innovative interior spaces.


niagara kale








Savannah Schafer, Project Manager, Interior Merchandising:

Niagra and Kale

With so many shades and tones to chose from, blue and green have seen a rise in popularity as they fit within so many styles. Niagara and Kale are no different. When paired with warm wood tones and brass they can be classic and elegant. Or, for a more contemporary feel pair these tones with gray and black for a bold pop of color.

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LeKathryn Champine, Project Manager Consultant, Hospitality & Commercial Design

Pale Dogwood and Pink Yarrow

Mixing the two beautiful pink hues of the season is a no brainer. Utilize Pale Dogwood on simple architectural elements like an accent wall. Take inspiration for the color from nature and combine it with soft earthy brown tones. Drape it on exotic interiors like accessories and essentials to add subtle elegance. Bring on the more vibrant Pink Yarrow to breathe life and passion into the neutral background of Pale Dogwood. Utilize the tone to accent and define design.

pink 1 Pink3










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Nikki Holt, Designer, Residential

Primrose Yellow & Flame

The key to adding bright colors to your space, such as oranges and yellows, is to incorporate them through accessories, pillows, fabrics or statement furniture pieces. Leaving the rest of the space bright, light and neutral helps these colors stand out and allows them to not be too overwhelming.

Yellow and orange 2 Yellow and orange 1









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Kim McInnes, Project Manager, Residential

Pale Dogwood & Hazelnut

Incorporating Pale Dogwood into a space adds a sense of softness and warmth. Pairing this color with an earthy hazelnut along with luxurious textures and brass accents pulls a design together in an unpresumptuous yet sophisticated way.

pink and brown 2









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Amber Bryan, Project Manager, Hospitality & Commercial

Greenery & Hazelnut

Greenery is a perfect pop of color for use in fast-casual restaurants.  When paired with natural wood tones, it exudes the feeling of ‘fresh & healthy’ that is on par with current restaurant trends that promote organic foods and the ‘farm to table’ concept. Hazelnut hue has such a natural and soothing quality, that I’d love to see it utilized in a spa relaxation room. I’d employ Hazelnut toned natural stone finishes paired with crisp white furnishings & fresh green plantings.



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lapis blue niagara








Kimberly Timmons, Principal, Kimberly Timmons Interiors

Lapis Blue & Niagara

Blues can have such an amazing impact on a room.  From the vibrant blue of the Colorado Sky to the aqua hues of the ocean, blue tones can be very versatile. Depending on the room and the atmosphere  you are trying to create, blues can be calming and elegant or bright, cheerful and fun. I’d use something like the darker Lapis blue to create a relaxing spa-like environment in a bathroom or the lighter Niagara to create an energetic and inviting great room.

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