Starwood Steamboat Sheraton East Tower

Steamboat Springs, CO



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Snugly situated into Colorado’s scenic mountain landscape, the interior design of the Sheraton Steamboat Resort draws aesthetic inspiration from the area’s beauty and past. The refresh of these spaces seeks to be iconic, dynamic, and inviting while integrating elements common to Steamboat Springs’ local mineral springs, which have attracted visitors year-round for centuries.

Each of the Resort’s public zones will feature textures and colors inspired by the springs while a light and refined color palette reflects the misty aurora that hangs above the natural springs as the warm water merges with cooler air.  Textural patterns and juxtaposed materials speak to the depth and layering of the terrain that surrounds the property. The design of the renovated space will reflect a refined contemporary aesthetic paired with deconstructed classic forms creating a unique experience for the travelers and residents for years to come.

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