Robson Ranch Grill

Eloy, AZ



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Part of an overall facility improvement process, this golf clubhouse restaurant renovation recognizes the importance of promoting pride of place for residents. Working in conjunction with the adjacent clubhouse expansion’s new interiors, the design takes cues from local cultural resonances, site topography, and the building’s architecture. A color palette based on the hues of Arizona’s incredible sunsets and southwestern style textures and patterns promote the client’s resort living philosophy of comfort and sophistication.

Interior selections impart a sense of luxury and escape frequently associated with premium products while also being highly durable and easily maintained to withstand guest use. Strategic adjacencies allow a single kitchen to support multiple functions happening simultaneously throughout the facility. Highly durable and easily cleaned materials for back of the house areas are complimented by efficient circulation patterns to support the high level of service guests expect without the need for excessive staffing.

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