Los Chingones

Denver, CO




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This innovative restaurant design transformed new core and shell space into a dining experience that feels generations in the making through the juxtaposition of contradictions – old and new, polished and gritty. Salvaged railway boxcar floor planks were repurposed as the bar’s surface. Industrial lighting fixtures and tables with handcrafted bases fabricated from wheels and industrial gears are complimented by traditionally Mexican patterned fabrics in bright hues. Teal transparent panels in the vestibule offer a pop of color and create a point of visual interest. Chicken wire mesh inserts add subtle industrial textures and enhanced transparency. Acid washed concrete floors impart a “many years of use feel” while a hand-troweled concrete finish applied to dry wall surfaces adds texture and handmade charm. Vintage wood accents and vivid Day of the Dead themed murals painted over an exposed brick veneer simultaneously inject vitality and a well-worn feel into the space.

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