Bubu Lowry Hanger 2

Denver, CO


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Located in Lowry, this Asian-fusion restaurant presents an elegant blend of fast-casual functionality and vibrant modern interiors resulting in an energetic dining experience. Highly functional interiors combine warm wood finishes; light, airy vegetable inspired hues; hand-fabricated raw metal surfaces; and exposed duct work in a symphony of color and texture. Skillfully weaving these elements together around an open kitchen has resulted in a carefully accented space that teeters between minimalist and industrial-chic.

Seat count is critical in restaurant design and between a combination of traditional booths, two-tops, four-tops, counter service, and an outdoor patio, the space serves roughly 100 patrons in just 1,677 sf. Wrap around glazing and operable double roll up doors effectively blur interior and exterior boundaries. Throughout the space, subtle hints are incorporated to expose the executive chef’s personal affinities including yoga mat parking and a forest scene on the bathroom ceiling.

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