Making a Difference with Every Dime

TWC 3Despite the near-constant churn of today’s “go-go-go” business climate, Kimberly Timmons Interiors (KTI) continues to look for ways to use design as a means of helping others. Today, we are pleased to announce completion of a new freshwater drinking well in the village of Anh Janh, located in the Siam Reap Providence of Cambodia. Through a charity called Together We Can Change the World, KTI’s donation has been transformed into a year-round supply of clean, sustainable drinking water for families who previously lacked a vital resource many of us take for granted.

It’s a great feeling to know our relatively modest contribution will change many lives for years to come, and we want to spread awareness of the organization that made it all happen. Together We Can Change the World was founded in 2008 by Jana Stanfield and Scott Friedman, who had business relations throughout Southeast Asia. Today, the organization raises money to support non-governmental agencies working to help chronically poor villagers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia Laos, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

TWC 1In addition to its well-building program, Together We Can Change the World builds and operates privately funded schools; provides secure housing and supportive counseling services for at-risk pregnant women; and teaches home economics, ecological development practices, and other life skills among other initiatives.

If this post is a bright spot in your day, we hope you will be inspired to share some brightness with others. Whether you donate to one of the many wonderful aid organizations in the US and internationally or take a more one-on-one approach to helping out, please remember that even small actions and simple gestures can make the world a better place.